From performance to excellence

Looking for a rewarding experience?

TriNmax offers you more than a base salary and benefits. Grab the exciting  opportunity that TriNmax offers you: working for a well-established and fast-growing firm. Exciting challenges await you.

Why apply at TriNmax ?

Here are five (5) good reasons to believe that a career with us will allow you to surpass your limits, because working at TriNmax is :

1. Being part of the company's evolution
2. Tackling great opportunities and living enriching experiences
3. Being heard, having a significant influence and seeing your ideas come to life
4. Having the chance to learn on a daily basis
5. Becoming a recognized leader in technology solutions and asset management

Are you a team player? 
Join us! You'll fit right in thanks to our open-plan offices, equipped with ergonomic workstations that promote collaboration and exchange. You'll also have access to a competitive salary, benefits and group insurance and our group activities. And because you work so hard, a foosball table and a friendly lunch area are at your disposal for break times.

We are ready to continue our significant growth. We have some great projects ahead of us. Will you be part of them?

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