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Benefit from the IBM Maximo Advantage 

IBM's Maximo software, the leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for decades, offers more than traditional computer-aided maintenance management (CMMS). Its capabilities give you real-time visibility into your business activities, linking production to operations, security and compliance, while minimizing incidents, downtime and costs.

For greater flexibility, Maximo can also be used remotely, online or offline, through mobile applications. 

Basic software includes mobile access via tablet and smartphone, and unlimited user licenses for self-service applications such as Service Request and Supply Request.

Maximo, being a component of the Watson IoT suite, supports the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to achieve unparalleled asset management maturity.

TriNmax offers licensing, renewal and membership to IBM Maximo (EAM).
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Manage the entire lifecycle and maintenance of your assets

IBM Maximo allows to computerize the operations of medium and large companies. This, if it is deployed on site, is provided as a service (SAAS) or hosted, to facilitate maintenance. Its single platform can manage large quantities of assets and is structured to support large enterprises with multiple sites, organizations and multilingual instances, as well as single-site enterprises.

IBM Maximo is implemented using best business practices. It aims to improve operational performance by providing comprehensive management of all corporate assets, including, but not limited to :

Infrastructures | Building - Property - Equipment - Vehicles

Inventaire | Achats | Boulons et écrous – Filtres – Lubrifiants – Pièces de rechange

Contracts | Software - Lease - Rental - Warranties

Services | Cleaning - Shredding - Maintenance - Delivery

Equipements | Furnaces - Pumps - Water heaters - Elevator

Make your assets reliable!

MAXIMO manages your assets

Manage all types of assets by defining and describing asset capabilities, establishing hierarchical relationships, monitoring specific asset details, and providing related documentation that can be automatically entered into workflows.

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MAXIMO manages your supply and parts

Plan inventories to accurately meet maintenance demand by making the right parts available in the right places at the right time.

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MAXIMO manages your contracts

Manage supplier contracts with complete contract management for purchasing, leasing, rental, warranties, rates, master agreements, master agreements, and user-defined contracts.

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Configuration of security settings   

You can configure users by groups and assign security privileges with IBM Maximo security settings. All you have to do is ensure data preservation and specific actions for each group based on their profile.

With the central start interface, you will have an instantaneous representation of the actions (daily, weekly, monthly) to be implemented, communications and performance indicators. Access to targeted responsibilities related to the user's role is quick.

Dashboard customization   

Users can determine the display screens, fields and relevant data. The system is more user-friendly and efficient and will encourage membership through this configuration tool.

Create detailed analyses and customized analytical operational reports linked to your data and/or extracts from your database. IBM Maximo Asset Management includes BI report templates developed on BIRT and IBM Cognos and the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools.

Efficient Design of Work Centers

​Applications used according to team roles