From performance to excellence

Reduce tasks with no added value!

ScanNmax is a high-performance tool at the cutting edge of technology.

Automatically create records within IBM Maximo via optical character recognition (OCR)

A revolutionary, simple and powerful solution for all organizations that want to manage and store their important administrative documents in a much simpler way.

    • Optimize the document lifecycle in a single integrated system
    • Reliability, compatibility and data security
    • Significant gains in efficiency. Between 25-40%.
    • Simple and intuitive, the solution integrates in less than two (2) days.

Integrate agility into your business model for superior asset management

Combining the power of IBM Maximo with ScanNmax allows you to automatically convert paper documents into digital data and import them into IBM Maximo.

Developed by TriNmax, ScanNmax is a unique, high-performance optical character recognition solution that simplifies the creation of records, such as supplier invoices for procurement.

Fully integrated with IBM Maximo, the ScanNmax module receives scanned, photographed, or PDF documents sent by email, and interprets the data to enter them directly into invoices in Maximo's Purchasing module.

This application uses advanced character recognition technology and converts in a matter of seconds your file, which would otherwise be unusable and would have to be entered manually, into a usable file, which takes several minutes. In fact, ScanNmax allows you to view, validate, and adjust invoice data in a single screen to automatically create invoices and route the data to the relevant fields in Maximo.
ScanNmax thus allows for significant gains in the management process such as :

  • Full integration with IBM Maximo, no additional infrastructure or customization is required;
  • the 25-40% increase in operational efficiency reduces data entry time and manual errors;

IBM Maximo is a world leader in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Combined with the power of ScanNmax, this solution is legitimately the most advanced and comprehensive in its class.

Enhanced security - no data is stored on the IBM cloud

Once returned to the customer, the documents processed by ScanNmax are deleted after the processing time. All necessary security protocols are in place to provide a secure end-to-end application. Hosted in the cloud, recognized as the most secure in the world - HTTPS connectivity, encrypted token authentication, hashing and salting of customer passwords.

Installation in less than two (2) business days and compatible with :

IBM Maximo with JSON integration support

IBM WebSphere

Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge

In addition, no additional infrastructure is required on the client side.

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