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Print barcode or RFID labels in one or two clicks!


Print barcode or RFID labels in one or two clicks
TriNmax has designed and developed LabelNmax simplifying the basic solution which can be complex. Allowing to generate labels directly from IBM Maximo and Control Desk screens, becoming a simple task to perform. End-users can now print labels with or without barcodes or RFID directly from Asset, Item, Invoice, Stock, etc. applications.

1 - Printers

You choose a professional printer model

2 - The labels

You choose from a wide range of label designs/sizes

The software

TriNmax integrates LabelNmax to your EAM software


TriNmax works with you to determine and implement printing processes to maximize efficiency.

model your labels

You customize the labels as you wish for each application


manually or automatically depending on your processes

Create your own custom labels for, among other things:
  • Assets/Location
  • Equipment
  • Stocks
  • Locker numbers
  • Invoices

Why choose LabelNmax?
  • This solution does not require the intervention of a developer to configure the labels.
  • A button for printing labels will be added to several applications (Inventory, Receiving, Assets, Locations, etc).
  • Can interact with multiple printers according to your needs

Print remotely! LabelNmax can be integrated into your processes (Workflow) and mobile applications.